Digital Marketing Trends To Look For 2016

Digital Marketing Trends To Look For 2016


We’re already in 2016 and god knows how many resolutions has been broken already but aside from the clichéd resolutions, digital marketers have definitely marked their goals and definitely ‘not-to-be-broken’.

The digital marketing industry is continuously evolving and every year user behavior, user preferences, new apps, new trends, and practices dictate a host of sweeping changes.

TheYear 2016 too looks promising on the digital front. So, here’s our take on the top digital marketing trends for 2016. Walking ahead of the digital curve is always a smarter way to face your competition and this list will help you do just that.

  • Videos will rule the digital kingdom

Videos and social media have become inseparable! You’re bound to watch one, two or more videosevery time you scroll through any of your social accounts. Brands are capitalizing on the fact that the users are interacting & consuming more video content. “Marketers have learned that video is good for more than attracting attention,” says Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard- World’s leading video marketing platform. Talking about the demand for videos, he further added- “It enriched the customer journey at all stages, and it is more effective than other content at converting buyers.”


(Source- Google)

According to the 4th annual survey by the Web Video Marketing Council in the year2015 showed that 96% of B2B marketers are reportedly using video in their content strategy. The highlights of the survey (listed below) are more than enough to prove the craze for video trend.

  • 75% marketers have optimized video content for SEO and SEM. Yahoo recently tested a full-screen sized auto-play video ad and it surprisingly engulfed the entire search engines resultpage!
  • 94% of the feedbacks helped in the decision-making process for the brands
  • 73% said that videos have positively impacted marketing results
  • 83% used video content for website marketing while 50% used it for email marketing

And as a result, 41% planned to increase the spending on video marketing this year. Talking of videos, FB native videos don’t need any mention. They’ve already topped the checklists of content strategists.

The digital marketers should watch out for an explosion in video marketing in 2016 and if you’ve not started producing and tracking video performance, the time is now!

  • Live streaming gets a hit


(Source- Twitter)

Talking aboutthe increased popularity of videos or FB native videos, one more thing needs a mandatory mention and that is live streaming. Live streaming has taken the video concept to a new level entirely.


(Source- Twitter)

With a big demand for ephemeral marketing, anyone can now capture ‘exclusive’ content just with a mobile. In 2016, marketers and advertisers should not forget to explore Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook native ads for incorporating live streaming into their marketing strategies. Also, they should also plan it well for their YouTube presence. The best part about live streaming videos is they build a huge level of trust for the brands and has a wide reach in comparison to others.


  • Rise of the Instagram Ads

Back in 2015, Instagram introduced its native ads with direct response features that fit seamlessly into a user’s mobile feed. And with a huge engaged mobile audience of more than 400 million #instagrammers, Instagram ads are the best way to test and scale campaigns quickly. According to several reports, 31% of advertisers adopted the channel for brand advertising in just the first three months of availability. Below is a chart showing the steep growth of Instagram ads adopted by Naniganssoftware (It is a leading ‘Advertising Automation Software’ to find and remarket your most valuable customers across social and mobile users).



The direct response results on Instagram ads look really promising and in 2016, it is going to be the most favourable kid in the digital town. Talking about direct response results, a large online retailer increased return on ad spend 179% in a matter of 60 days while another retailer achieved a 219% increase in purchase rates. It is pretty clear that Instagram ads will really be a crucial revenue-generating channel for brands & advertisers.

  • Influencer Marketing will take off

This is another trend in digital marketing which has creating headlines. Last year, Nike paid a famous golf player a mammoth chunk of money and many other prominent athletes for reaching the right kind of audience at the right time.

Online influencers and niche bloggers are now offering global reach, credibility and trust to the targeted masses for brands. People like the ‘word of mouth’ trust especially coming through celebrities and companies are willing to pay for that attention.

A recent report from Group High reveals that 85% of influencers are ready to be the face of a brand for promoting a campaign or supporting a cause. Without a next thought, marketers should go for influencer marketing. Connecting with target audience has never been easier, whether it’s via blog post, Snapchat, status update or Periscope. It’s powerful, it’s viral, it’s native, it breaks the monotony of paid ads, it’s targetable and trackable; in one word- it’s IN.

From Forbes to Jay Baer, influencer marketing is reaching the lips of reporters and thought leaders across the globe.

A look at Google Trends illustrates the burgeoning growth of influencer marketing.


(Source- Google Trends)




  • Mobile marketing and apps will flood in


(Source- Google)

For this one, we can wrap up quickly! With the much talked-about “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update introduced by Google, 2016 will be more of mobile dominance over desktop and app-dedication.


(Source- Google)

Brands have realized the importance of being mobile friendly and a dedicated app for their brand providing all the possible facilities to the users just at the touch of fingers. With the steep rise of smartphone buyers, 2016 will be a significantyear for global brands utilizingapp and mobile marketing in their strategy.

Digital or popularly known as online marketing will not be limited up to these above-mentioned trends but these will surely be the most significant ones!  These trends are definitely worth of being included in your digital strategy this year. Remember, the earlier you start, the more time you’ll get to adjust, adopt and reap the full benefits of your updated ideas. The digital den is certain to amaze our marketing minds in 2016!


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